2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics

2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics and San Jose Sports Authority have many exciting volunteer opportunities to support the 2012 Olympic Trials – Gymnastics.  If you are interested in applying please click on the Register Now button to the right.  By completing the registration process this will allow you to receive volunteer updates and allow our volunteer coordinators to reach you as assignments are made.

Key Volunteer information you should know:

1.  AVAILABILITY:   The majority of the positions available will be from June 20 and running through July 1.  There may be opportunities for interested volunteers prior to theses dates to support the promotion of the event.

2.  Assignments:   Volunteer assignments will be made by the volunteer committee during the spring of 2012.  You will receive updates and may be requested to update your profile prior to that time.  Please note that applying does not guarantee a position.

3.  UNIFORM:  Volunteers will receive a uniform t-shirt that should be worn with self-supplied tan khaki pants and comfortable shoes. 

4.  TICKETS:   Anyone interested in watching the competition will need to purchase a ticket.  Volunteering will not gain you access to watch the competition.

Please click "Register Now!" on the right side of this page to begin your online volunteer registration.

Please note by signing up this does not guarantee you a position.

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